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COVID-19 update 23/3/2020

As you are all aware we have been keeping up to date with all government recommendations in relation to keeping Malabar Dance Crew a healthy and safe place for all our students and families.  It is with a heavy heart that we announce that from tomorrow, Tuesday, 24th March will be closing our "physical" doors and opening our "digital" doors. 

We will be moving to the video conferencing service Zoom to deliver classes.

Through Zoom our digital classrooms will be made available to download after lessons. These classes will be sent to all students after lessons for your child to keep practicing and active through these uncertain times. This also allows students who miss the live class to catch up when it is convenient for families as we know many of our parents will be working from home. 

We ask that your children continue to dance through this time and take advantage of the classes and the free extras we look forward to implementing across term 2. 

Thank you for your constant support during this small time. I am working endlessly to get everything ready for this change and will have further information on how to use zoom made available tomorrow. 

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